Monthly Report – AUG- 2017

Monthly Report – AUG- 2017

Shram Jivi Satvik Bhojan Yojna

Donation Received = Rs. 30000/- Details as below:

  1. Jyotsnaben J.  Shah             Rs.3000/-

    2.  Smit Narendrabhai Shah    = Rs.9,000/-

     3. Vivek M. Bhalavat               = Rs.18,000/-

Total Shramjivi taken Lunch : 1039

Total No. of days for Lunch: 21 days

Total exp. For the month – 34193.00, So cost per plate to us Rs.32.90.  This includes salary of Jagdish & sweeper.

Above all donation is against Thithi.

Gyan Jyot Yodjna

Donation Recd : NIL

EXPENSE   : Rs. 23925.00

No. of student in Morning Batch   : 23

No. of student in Afternoon Batch : 15

Our Teachers are

Vidhi Shah                            :           Morning & Afternoon class

Lavina Shah                         :                          “           “

Sweety                                   :           Morning batch

Nidhi                                      :           Afternoon Batch

As we could not got good place, temporary present place of SSBY (Ramdev Mandir) started using from Nov. 1st 

By paying  rent Rs.3000/ – per month.





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