Monthly Report – JULY- 2017

Monthly Report – JULY- 2017

Shram Jivi Satvik Bhojan Yojna

Donation Received = Rs. 16000/- Details as below:

  1. Shri Narendra bhai R. Shah Rs.5000/-


  1. Shri Navinchandra B. Shah = Rs.5,000/-
  2. Shri Tarun C. Bhalavat  = Rs. 6,000/-

EXPENSE   :  Rs. 40099.00

Total Shramjivi taken Lunch : 1310

Total No. of days for Lunch: 25 days

Total exp. For the month – 40099.00, So cost per plate to us Rs.30.60.  This includes salary of Jagdish & sweeper.

As per meeting decided to take Thithi for all Individual at Rs. 3000/- per person.  At the meeting itself 33 thithies are booked.  Request all to get booked thithis.  We target at least 100 in this year.



Gyan Jyot Yodjna

Donation Recd : NIL

EXPENSE   : Rs. 26125.00

No. of student in Morning Batch   : 23

No. of student in Afternoon Batch : 15

Std.  No. of students Progress Performance Study at level
Ist 1 Good -1 Ist
3rd 3 good-1 Fair -2 Ist all 3
4th 4 Fair-,3 poor-1 Ist 3,4th 1.
5th 10 Good 3, Fair-4, Poor-3 4th-1, 3rd -9
6th 7 Good-4, Fair-3 6th -3, 3rd-4
7th 8 Good-2,Fair-3, Poor-3 3rd all
8th 4 V.Good-1, Good-2, Fair-1, Poor-1 4th all
9th 1 Good 6th



Our Teachers are

Vidhi Shah                            :           Morning & Afternoon class

Lavina Shah                         :                          “           “

Sweety                                   :           Morning batch

Nidhi                                      :           Afternoon Batch

Lavina Shah leaving from 31.7.17

Morning Batch 9 to 11 a.m.  Afternoon Batch 2 to 4 p.m.

Hiral Saileshbhai Khalas Std-12, to whom we give fees for coaching class, her progress is good.

The place taken on Rent is short and not able to accommodate hence looking for another big place.

We expect Donation of Rs. 10000.00 per student for one year study.  In Donor Name & report of that students will be send to Donor.



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