monthly report _ JUNE-17

Monthly Report – JUNE- 2017

Shram Jivi Satvik Bhojan Yojna

Donation Received = Rs. 15151/- Details as below:

  1. Kannubhai M. Shah

(shree Ganesh Engg. Co.)  = Rs.11151/-

     2.  Pannaben C. Shah = Rs.2,000/-

      3. Minaxiben C. Shah = Rs. 2,000/-

EXPENSE   :  Rs. 38327.00

Total Shramjivi taken Lunch : 1345

Total No. of days for Lunch : 26 days

Butter milk served upto 6th June &  then stopped.

All Grocery & vegetable purchased  from  All Fresh is found competitive.

Total exp. For the month – 38327.00, So cost per plate to us Rs.28.49.  This include salary of Jagdish & sweeper.

Chass Distribution Yogna

Donation Recd : NIL

EXPENSE  –  : Rs. 3820.00

In June we serve free chass to people at Namaskar circle, Shahibaug for 6 days. & approx. 2500 people have pleased by drinking chass.

Gyan Jyot Yodjna

Donation Recd : NIL

EXPENSE   : Rs. 15400.00

One place on rent have been taken near to present place and now 2 time class working Morning 9-11 & afternoon 2- 4 pm.  – Monday to Friday. in both there are 18 students, total 36 students.

One more teacher appoint Named N. Sweety in morning class.

Hiral Saileshbhai Khalas is shifted to other coaching class from Vyas to Ashka Education at a cost of Rs. 40,000.00 in which 10000/- share by student and 30000/- share by trust, to pay Rs. 5000/- every month for 6 months.

Regular report of student will be taken by Shri P.N. Shah

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