Monthly Report – MAY-18


Shramjeevi Satvik Bhojan Yojna

Donation Received = Rs. 11,151/- Details as below:


  1. Jollyben D. Parikh                   :           6000.00
  2. Montubhai C. Shah                 :           3000.00



Total Shramjeevi taken Lunch : 1173

Total No. of days for Lunch: 26 days

Total exp. For the month – 38,251.00, So cost per plate to us Rs.32.60.  This includes salary of Jagdish & sweeper.

Being summer, everyday – butter milk is getting served to all shramjivi.


Chash vitran Yojana

Donation Recd : Rs. 4500.00

  1. Nitaben S. Shah                             :           1200
  2. Geetaben K. Shah                         :             300
  3. Ramehbhai Shah & Vandanaben   :           3000


Everyday approximately more than 500 person served for chass, near namaste circle, Shahibag.  50 ltrs,of AMUL  chass everyday purchase, cooled, mix with salt and pepper. Other donors are also giving 10 to 20 ltrs.of AMUL chass to distribute.

Expense  :  Rs. 41245.00



EXPENSE   : Rs. 11343.00. 

On 27/5/2018 Sunday our 2nd eye camp took place at Tavdipura around 144 person OPD was done and 12 cataract operation took place at Bareja Hospital.

All operations done at free of cost by BPA. Our expense was for giving Batakapaua and tea to all patient attended in camp, and lunch was served to all patients gone for surgery with all karyakar and medical staff.

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